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  • Practise speaking French
  • Improve your listening comprehension
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As a paid member you get:

  • a weekly conversation class with a native speaker, who will be able to correct you and teach you lots of new vocabulary
  • videos with listening practice
  • Access to  free worksheets with their answers every month
  • Access to a private Facebook group, a  community of fellow French learners where you can have your questions answered
  • Surprise bonuses every quarter

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Carole founded the learn french online club

Your instructor: Carole Palfreman

Carole is a French native from Le Havre in Normandy. Having previously lived in Switzerland and Germany, she now lives in the UK, north of Manchester. She obtained her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at Southampton University in 2000. She has been teaching French since 1999. She has helped hundreds of students ranging from primary years, GCSE, A-level through to adult students to improve their French and become confident in their use of the language. She was lucky enough to start learning English at the age of eight and she understands the difficulties students face when learning a foreign language.


"I like the fact I can work through the resources on my own and have access to the answers. It’s good that Carole is available to answer my queries."
Pete Robson
"I like it that the conversations are very 'real'. In fact 'aller simple' sounds as if it was recorded in an actual station. The content of the conversation is 'real', I can imagine having this kind of conversation myself. The two voices of Carole and her friend complement each other well, with Carole's voice being very soft, and her friend's voice stronger, so that a range of French tones, accents, etc can be heard. Although the dialogues are short, there is a lot packed into them, so that when I listen to them several times I can pick out the words and expressions. I have found the support of the transcripts and 'explications' useful. I started by listening to the dialogues on their own to see how much I could pick out, then used the transcripts to clarify what I was hearing, and the 'explications' to understand unfamiliar expressions. After that I could listen to them again and comprehend more fully. It was nice to come back to the dialogues after some time, to see how much I could remember. I learnt several new words and expressions, such as 'pointilleux' , 'maraichaire' and 'il te faut' . It's good to see how everyday French is used in conversation, and to hear more colloquial expressions too. I think that the dialogues are just long enough to listen to without losing focus and 'switching off ' because I am lost, which I find happens if I listen to other resources, for example if I try to listen to French radio."
Sarah Fox

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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